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Miami Beach 2020

Hope you’re having a great day! There’s been a lot of people planning and traveling to Miami Beach, Florida for Spring break. There will be many parties to attend and many people to meet this Spring break in Miami Beach. Although, the beach and parties are great, I’m going to give you some alternatives thing to do this year, in Miami Beach.

The first thing I recommend is going inside the ocean! Take a boat tour! There are plenty of boat tours in Miami that will give you a tour from the ocean. Not a boat person? Well, that’s okay. There’s bus hop-on-hop-off bus tours that will tour you around.

The next thing I recommend is taking an airboat tour! Get up close to alligators, on an airboat. I’ve personally done this, and I loved it. Seeing alligators up close isn’t something that everyone gets to experience everyday.

Lastly, on your trip to Miami Beach I recommend heading inside to stroll through some museums. There’s a wide range of museums, with the most popular being the art museums.

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